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United States physiologist (1899-1982)


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Pincus and Hudson Hoagland began at Clark University in Worcester in 1943 and moved to Shrewsbury in 1947 - built on prior studies, including Dr.
Pincus and his colleague and foundation co-founder, Hudson Hoagland, whom he met while both were students and researchers at Harvard University.
Hudson Hoagland, who became chairman of the biology department at Clark University, left Harvard in disgust because, according to Clark University archives, he believed Dr.
Hudson Hoagland (5) Thoru Pederson (CHART 1) Birth control timeline (CHART 2) Contraceptive Use (CHART 3) Contraceptove use in the United States
He was a 32nd degree mason, 50-year member of the Northborough Grange, a member of the Northborough Historical Society, Hudson Hoagland Society, Siloam Lodge of Masons, A.
Bill, and his wife, are members of the Hudson Hoagland Society, UMass Memorial Hospital of Worcester, a society dedicated to raising funds for medical research.
The death of Sir Edmund Hillary last week recalled to mind his 1994 visit to the Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, as the speaker for the annual meeting of the Hudson Hoagland Society.
Mello told those who gathered at Mechanics Hall last night for the joint annual meeting of the UMass Memorial Foundation's Hudson Hoagland Society and Society of Benefactors.
Mello joins a long line of explorers who have spoken to the Hudson Hoagland Society since its establishment in 1985, including Sir Edmund Hillary.
The Hudson Hoagland Society is named for the co-founder of the Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, and honors individuals who make annual leadership gifts of $1,000 or more to the Annual Research Fund, which supports basic biomedical research at the UMass Medical School.
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