Hudson Bay

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an inland sea in northern Canada

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To this end, we have formally demanded that the Hudson Bay Railway Company repair the rail line in line with the terms of its 2008 contribution agreement with the Government of Canada, which requires the company to operate, maintain and repair the entire Hudson Bay Railway Line in a diligent and timely manner until March 31, 2029.
The University of Manitoba said the coast guard had planned to deploy the ship earlier to perform security operations off the coast of Newfoundland and then depart for the research site at Hudson Bay, but "the conditions required much more extended support than anticipated" and the coast guard had to hold on to the icebreaker for longer, in part to meet demand for search and rescue vessels.
The offer applies to a host of developments across west Scotland, as well as Hudson Bay.
16, 11 Percentage of ice cover lost in the Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay since 1970, respectively.
Washington, Feb 09 (ANI): Researchers have studied the reproductive ecology of polar bears in Hudson Bay and have linked declining litter sizes with loss of sea ice.
12 January 2011 - US bank Capital One said on Tuesday it had finalised the acquisition of Hudson Bay Company's credit card portfolio from GE Capital Retail Finance, thus nearly tripling its Canadian customer base.
US hedge fund manager Hudson Bay Capital Management LP has said that it has named former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) official Scott Black as its general counsel and chief compliance officer.
The double was completed when Aptitude Test produced a strong finish to win heat three by a length from reserve Hudson Bay in a slick 28.
Tourism in the Hudson Bay region of central northern Canada generally is associated with non-consumptive forms of nature-based activities (such as polar bear viewing).
NAV CANADA air traffic controllers are now using Sensis Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) ground-based transceivers to track air traffic over Hudson Bay, Canada.
Nahoway: A Distant Voice is a unique, deeply personal and emotional narrative of the author's quest to discover and reconnect with her Cree/Scots ancestry in the Hudson Bay fur trade.
To keep from confusing flap-jacks with pancakes, we in North America call these high-energy snack bars Hudson Bay Bread.
While Commadore in the Hudson Bay Company, Capt William Christopher (born Norton 1734) attempted this voyage in 1761 and 1762, being thwarted by both ice and mountains, leaving his mark as Christopher Sound and Cape Christopher.
Indeed, commented the Wall Street Journal on January 3, "It also turns out that most of the alarm over the polar bear's future stems from a single, peer-reviewed study, which found that the bear population had declined by some 250, or 25%, in Western Hudson Bay in the last decade.