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a New York river

English naturalist (born in Argentina) (1841-1922)

English navigator who discovered the Hudson River


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You're not going away in any kind of spirit, Hudson, I hope," said my father, with a tameness which mad my blood boil.
The letter, then, might either come from Hudson, the seaman, saying that he had betrayed the guilty secret which appeared to exist, or it might come from Beddoes, warning an old confederate that such a betrayal was imminent.
And yet I was loath to believe that this was the case, and the presence of the word Hudson seemed to show that the subject of the message was as I had guessed, and that it was from Beddoes rather than the sailor.
It only remains for us to find out what this secret was which the sailor Hudson seems to have held over the heads of these two wealthy and respected men.
Here is the statement which was drawn up by my father when he knew that the danger from Hudson had become imminent.
When we pulled him aboard the boat he proved to be a young seaman of the name of Hudson, who was so burned and exhausted that he could give us no account of what had happened until the following morning.
An instant later the explosion occurred, though Hudson thought it was caused by the misdirected bullet of one of the convicts rather than the mate's match.
Hudson had been seen lurking about, and it was believed by the police that he had done away with Beddoes and had fled.
Well, that's all we could reasonably expect from Morse Hudson," said Holmes, as we emerged from the shop.
A reference to his books showed that hundreds of casts had been taken from a marble copy of Devine's head of Napoleon, but that the three which had been sent to Morse Hudson a year or so before had been half of a batch of six, the other three being sent to Harding Brothers, of Kensington.
He managed to find employment with Morse Hudson, and in that way tracked down three of them.
After the first surprise of the intelligence had a little abated, a rumor was spread through the entrenched camp, which stretched along the margin of the Hudson, forming a chain of outworks to the body of the fort itself, that a chosen detachment of fifteen hundred men was to depart, with the dawn, for William Henry, the post at the northern extremity of the portage.
Gerry) Fillmore, he was a 1940 graduate of Hudson H.
Thank you, thank you, Lane Hudson for your resourcefulness and moral backbone to out former congressman Mark Foley [First Person, December 19].
The renaissance of the Yonkers waterfront received another major boost as Yonkers city officials joined with executives of Collins Enterprises, LLC and AIG Global Real Estate this week to celebrate the groundbreaking of Hudson Park North, a new $110 million luxury rental waterfront community soon to rise along the Hudson River.