Hub of the Universe

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Growth of that client base prompted the opening of the Rogers office, he said, joking that northwest Arkansas is "the hub of the universe.
In Boston, we're quick Oliver Wendell Holmes, who wrote in 1858 that our city is "the hub of the universe.
One thing is for certain; they had better agree with Oliver Wendell Holmes that Boston is the hub of the universe.
Mayor Butler has done the same for Marion, taking it from just another small town to "The Hub of the Universe.
Massachusetts is arguably the hub of the universe for rod making today.
Pontypridd was the hub of the universe, the red-hot centre where it all happened, while Machynlleth was the embodiment of everything parochial.
Without such a vision and continuity provided by Mayor Butler over the past 55 years, Marion would be just another spot on the road, not the hub of the universe.
Worcester can take great pride in beating out "the hub of the universe," which didn't even make the top 15.
He did arrive in the Hub of the Universe the following summer.