Huayna Capac

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the Incan ruler under whom the Incan empire reached its widest extent (died in 1525)

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Abstract: Perez, Felipe (1836-1891) author of the native thematic novels Huayna Capac (1856), Atahuallpa (1856), Los Pizarros (1857), Jilma (1858) and Los jigantes (1875), is the most prolific Colombian writer in this subgenre in the nineteenth century.
Here and in the book, Niles' research focuses on another royal estate along the Urubamba River, this one owned by Huayna Capac, the last Inca to complete his reign prior to the arrival of the Spanish.
Sipping my bitter coffee, I browse through the yellowing pages of a book about the great revolt and the siege of Cuzco by Manco Inca, the brave young prince who was the son of Mama Runtu and Huayna Capac, twelfth monarch in the royal line that began with the founding of that great empire.