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Hobbies: Reeb is an active golfer and skier; is a senior black belt and instructor in tao wu hsian hua; and enjoys teaching, learning, and trying to get better every day.
2 at Xi'an (Hsian, Seian, now Liaoyuan) in southern Jilin Province, north east of Mukden.
Additionally, the membrane's fiber diameter, porosity, texture, and structure can be changed by using different polymer solutions (Burger, Hsian, & Chu, 2006).
Subsequently, several other manufacturers invested into production, including Chung Hsian Technology (1978-1981), Sitai Electronics (1983-1986), Picvue Electronics Ltd and Wintek Corporation.
Hsian Kao borrowed the materials from the Randolph Township Public Library in 2008.
SAINA Nehwal survived a scare before prevailing over unseeded Chinese Taipei's Chen Hsian Huan to reach the pre- quarterfinals of World Championships in Paris on Wednesday.