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the basic unit of money in Ukraine

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Finance Minister Nalaia Jaresko said on Monday the government wants to boost revenue by 22 billion hryvna and spending by 35 billion hryvna.
If in 2006 banks earned profits of 4 144 million Ukrainian hryvnas (UAH), in 2008 its size was 7 304 million UAH.
The allowance upon a child birth is 12,240 hryvna ($2,448) for the first child, 25,000 hryvna ($5,000) for the birth of the second child, and 50,000 hryvna ($10,000) for the birth of the third and subsequent children.
Ese mismo ano, fue aprobada la hryvna, la nueva moneda ucraniana.
Folk are loathe to spend from six to 12 hryvna (80p to pounds 3) to buy trees, preferring to dig them up in city parks and squares.
Though the explanation was its debts of 160,000 hryvna ($40,000) to transmission authorities, those at the channel counter that other broadcasters owe more than 20 times that figure, and no action was being taken against them.
President Kuchma has declared that the long awaited new currency - hryvna - will be introduced in 1996 with the use of the IMF Stabilisation Fund which will replace the temporary karbovanets coupon introduced in January 1992.
47 on the sheet was a payment of 32,580 hryvna (nearly $4,000) for what was described as a ''bribe'' used in a bidding process.
The company's position in Ukraine looks shaky, although a 40% fall in revenue has not come as much of a surprise; the Ukrainian hryvna (the functional currency) has been losing value against the dollar (the presentation currency) and MTS has been losing its share of the Ukrainian market.
stock exchange temporarily and dropping the hryvna, Ukraine's
The exchange rate for the Hryvna is stable this year at around 5.
That said, for VimpelCom shareholders stabilization of Kyivstar's mobile revenues in hryvna terms is a positive sign.
The local currency - hryvna is relatively stable, being pegged to US$, currently slightly depreciating against Euro inline with the weak US dollar.
The local currency - hryvna is stable thanks to being pegged to US$.
We need to restore roads, and it is very important to use every hryvna, allocated for these purposes, effectively," emphasized the Prime Minister.