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one of various similar homeotic genes that are involved in bodily segmentation during embryonic development

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This study demonstrated that the expression of HOXB7, HOXC6, and HOXC8 is differentially expressed in VW-MPSCs as compared to terminally differentiated human aortic smooth muscle cells, endothelial cells, and undifferentiated pluripotent ESCs.
Gene Fold change NCBI access HOXA9 2.24 NM_152739.3 HOXC5 2.69 NM_018953.2 HOXD4 2.78 NM_014621.2 HOXD1 2.36 NM_024501.1 HOXB13 14.62 NM_006361.5 HOXA5 2.05 NM_019102.1 HOXC10 6.19 NM_017409.3 HOXC6 4.42 NM_004503.3 HOXB7 2.22 NM_004502.3 HOXB9 20.59 NM_024017.3 HOXA7 2.54 NM_006896.3 HOXC11 2.09 NM_014212.3 HOXA10 4.08 NM_018951.2 HOXD13 16.47 NM_000523.3 HOXC8 2.89 NM_022658.3 Table 2: Correlation of HOXB9, HOXB13, and HOXD13 genes expression levels with clinicopathological variables in LSCC patients (n = 168).
Bisphenol-A induces expression of HOXC6, an estrogen-regulated homeobox-containing gene associated with breast cancer.
HOXC6 Down-regulation of HOXC6 due to decreased proliferation rates of cell line and the over-expression of it rescues the cells from apoptosis in prostate cancer (60).
The initial study by Thompson et al (307) found that ALK+ ALCL overexpresses genes encoding signal transduction molecules such as SYK, LYN, and CDC37 and underexpresses transcription factors such as HOXC6 and HOXA3; both ALK+ and ALK- ALCL highly express kinase genes (LCK, protein kinase C, VAV2, and NKIAMRE) and antiapoptotic molecules.