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Synonyms for howler

Synonyms for howler

a joke that seems extremely funny

monkey of tropical South American forests having a loud howling cry

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NEW swinging platforms have been added to DZG's black howler monkey and lemur enclosures and are proving popular with the primates.
Oral focal epithelial hyperplasia in a howler monkey (Alouatta fusca).
Much of the forest where black howler monkeys live has been cut down for farming and ranching.
The peaks of the limestone structures pierce the dense, green canopy of the jungle and howler monkeys wail at sunrise.
Smaller primates, including howler monkeys and macaques, may only be owned with a permit from the state.
Now a University of Michigan-led study of interbreeding between two species of modern-day howler monkeys in Mexico is shedding light on why it's so difficult to confirm instances of hybridization among primates -- including early humans -- by relying on fossil remains.
With Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems, it is more like being trapped in a small room with a troop of howler monkeys and a live hand grenade.
Howler monkeys wake up shoreside lodge anglers each morning and most of the small, very rustic lodges and hotels along the San Juan (www.
Witnessing the iridescence of an assortment of metallic beetles, observing howler monkeys swinging atop the canopy, and scaling the forest trees with specialized climbing gear are just some of the excursions your students are offered.
Many employees have found that the best way to enjoy the interior is to go with a qualified guide to climb isolated hills known as inselbergs to see the rain forest from above for as far as the eye can see and perhaps glimpse spider or howler monkeys, an anaconda or the elusive jaguar.
Eason (1989) observed a Harpy Eagle attacking a group of red howler monkeys at the edge of an oxbow lake.
We wanted to wake up early, and did, to the haunting sound of howler monkeys hooting in the wee-dawn hours.
Most mornings we woke to the roar of howler monkeys in the humid jungle on our side of the river.
First and foremost is a commitment to maintain a 220-acre nature preserve in the center of Isla Palenque, which protects the island's natural artesian spring that provides fresh water to the howler monkeys, parrots, jungle cats and other tropical species that call the island home, said Benjamin Loomis, president of Amble Resorts, the developer of Isla Palenque.
com), an eco-friendly sanctuary with 17 rustic cabanas nestled in a vibrant habitat teeming with wild black howler monkeys, crocodiles, and more than 250 species of vivacious birds.