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United States writer and illustrator of children's books (1853-1911)


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He built three new studios adjoining his own and called the undertaking the Howard Pyle School of Art.
The mural cycle, titled "The Founding of the State of Liberty Spiritual," was greatly indebted to her experience with illustration and to her teacher Howard Pyle.
He was also a valued, influential, and inspirational teacher, first at Philadelphia's Drexel Institute, then with his summer classes for selected students at Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and at the Howard Pyle School of Art in his home city of Wilmington, Delaware.
Their mentor at art school was the outstanding book illustrator, Howard Pyle, for whom romance lay in the Arthurian world of knights and legendary conquests.
This book brings to the attention of a new audience the considerable art talents of Howard Pyle, N.
Igual que el famoso personaje de Howard Pyle, Robin Hood, que en la vieja Inglaterra se entregaba por entero, exponiendo su vida, por servir a los necesitados, o nuestro folklorico Chucho el roto, el cancionero Alvaro Hurtado, el querreque, se entrego a una jornada para dar todos sus emolumentos a la Asociacion Ignacio de Loyola, de damas voluntarias que proporcionan ayuda a orfelinatos y asilos.
Its monthly dinners were attended by such artists as Frederick Remington, Howard Pyle and N.
Nicholas were Louisa May Alcott, Rudyard Kipling, Howard Pyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, Frank Stockton, and Mark Twain.
Among the contributors were Twain, Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edward Eggleston, Howard Pyle, Palmer Cox (author of the Brownie Books), Frank Stockton, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, and Louisa May Alcott.
Men of Iron, by the novelist and illustrator Howard Pyle 1853-1911), belongs to that category of book known today as the young adult novel, as well as to that more exclusive class of books whose value lies almost totally in being reread rather than read.
Previous exhibitions at the Museum have presented the work of Charles Schulz, Winslow Homer, Howard Pyle, J.
studio, including "all my antiques, my favorite covers and illustrations which I'd kept over the years, my costumes, my collections of old guns, animal skulls, Howard Pyle prints, my paints, brushes, easel, my file of clippings--everything," he made sure to bring Pyle's imagery back into view.
Indeed, all of the illustrations are well above par, and include color maps and drawings by notable artists like Howard Pyle.
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Maxfield Parrish, and Charles Grafly were among my earlier teachers, and it was my privilege later to study under Howard Pyle.