Howard Hughes

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United States industrialist who was an aviator and a film producer

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Martin Scorsese's long-cherished biopic of Howard Hughes focuses on the early years of the compulsive-obsessive millionaire industrialist.
Leonardo Di Caprio as Howard Hughes and Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow in a scene from The Aviator; Howard Hughes (Leonardo Di Caprio) in one of his beloved planes; and, right, with Katherine Hepburn (Cate Blanchett)
The 30-year-old star of Titanic, still arguably Hollywood's leading heart-throb, is being widely tipped for an Oscar nomination for his astonishing performance, in Martin Scorsese's blockbuster biopic The Aviator, as the larger-than-life Howard Hughes, an eccentric industrialist tycoon whose obsessive compulsive disorder eventually turned him into a notorious recluse.
He had testified that in late 1967 he had rescued an unconscious, hypothermic man in the desert of Western Nevada and the old-timer had confessed he was Howard Hughes.
During her tenure at the Howard Hughes Corporation, Yu oversaw Phase Two of the South Street Seaport redevelopment plan in Lower Manhattan.
It basically ended up the way that we thought it would with Howard Hughes acquiring the land.
The private eye had allegedly been hired by reclusive multi-millionaire Howard Hughes, who was looking for dirt on the Democrats.
Hidden Genius: Frank Mann, The Black Engineer Behind Howard Hughes" looks at one of the many minds behind the success of Howard Hughes.
American billionaire Howard Hughes was famous as a movie magnate, an aviation pioneer, a businessman and finally a recluse.
She said: "She maintained she was a cousin of Howard Hughes.
4 that it has negotiated a contract to purchase and develop the old Howard Hughes Plantation in the country of Belize.
Real was a confidant of fellow aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, whom he met while working at Lockheed and for whom he remained an adviser until the billionaire's death in 1976.
Berrys and ABD's principal Howard Hughes have created a new specialist company trading as Berrys ABD to provide consultancy and business advice to farmers and rural businesses in the area.