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English actor of stage and screen (1893-1943)

Queen of England as the fifth wife of Henry VIII who was accused of adultery and executed (1520-1542)

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They gravely rearmed themselves fromthe gun-room and trooped along at the tail of their guide, Sir Howard only pausing, in a sort of ecstasy, to point out the celebrated gilt summerhouse on which the gilt weathercock still stood crooked.
Sir Howard again slapped his host on the shoulder, shoving him playfully forward to take the first shot.
Seems to be meant for old Puggy"' observed Sir Howard.
Like a good detective story myself," remarked Miss Howard.
Of course, Miss Howard," I said, "I'll do everything I can, but I'm sure you're excited and overwrought.
The throb of the motor came through the open window, and Miss Howard rose and moved to the door.
Miss Howard was swallowed up in an eager chorus of protests and good-byes.
She always had a rough tongue, but there is no stauncher friend in England than Evelyn Howard.
For the first time I felt that, with Evelyn Howard, something indefinable had gone from the atmosphere.
She recaptured the sense of space, which is the basis of all earthly beauty, and, starting from Howards End, she attempted to realize England.
Retrofitting old boilers is just one of many areas of expertise CK Howard can offer.
Howard could do anything," says Daniel Gates of his lover, the late costumer and performer Howard Crabtree.
Yet the two continued to share much in common, including the conviction that they were unappreciated at Howard, a conclusion reinforced on a day that brought home to each at least as much to regret as to recall with pride.
DAVE W Howard Kendall not only a Everton legend but a football legend DAVID He was a great player and a good manager.
Howard is looking into taking legal action against Orlando if they refuse to move him, hoping to become a free agent this summer.