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a land imagined by Jonathan Swift where intelligent horses ruled the Yahoos

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The country of the Houyhnhnms is populated by a ruling class of creatures that resemble ordinary European horses and by a group (they can hardly be called a class) of animalistic humanoids who act as wild beasts.
Such apathy characterizes the rational serenity of the Houyhnhnms.
Los viajes, sin embargo, se hacen a otros lugares, como por ejemplo a Brobdingnag; a Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg y el Japon; y, finalmente, al pais de los houyhnhnms.
And, is there less Probability in my Account of the Houyhnhnms or Yahoos, when it is manifest as to the latter, there are so many Thousands in this City, who only differ from their Brother Brutes in Houyhnhnmland, because they use a sort of Jabber, and do not go naked.
131) The true Eutopia is, by contrast, a realm of absolute truth: it is the land of Swift's Houyhnhnms, who have "no word .
He who has lived among the "wise and virtuous Houyhnhnms, who abound in all excellences that can adorn a rational creature", may rightfully preach to his fellow Yahoos regarding, for example, the sin of pride, that most characteristically human vice.
Four essays explore such aspects as satiric metaphor in Samuel Butler's Hudibras; and Swift's style, the nakedness of the Houyhnhnms, and the deceits of rhetoric.
31) Denham: "Above talking 'animals,' nf wrote, 'Apuleius-Swift,' " indicating a clear link between this idea and the tradition of Menippean satire that includes The Golden Ass and Gulliver's Houyhnhnms and which is so important in the finished Anatomy (NBAC 212 n34, 387 n34).
Infected with a merely man-centered humanism, they also are much like Swift's Houyhnhnms in their irreligion and callous, joyless rationalism.
Reconsidering Gulliver's Travels, Orwell suggests that "thou shalt not" allows "a certain amount of eccentricity," but the Houyhnhnms apply "continuous pressure to .
The actor bulldozes through every scene and it's hard to imagine this fantasy taking enough at the box office to warrant a trip to Laputa or the country of the Houyhnhnms.
In truth, it's hard to imagine this fantasy taking enough at the box office to warrant a trip to Laputa or the country of the Houyhnhnms.
We can explain various references to politics, science, and learning, but whether the Houyhnhnms represent an impossible rationalist ideal or a ludicrously wrongheaded one remains an insoluble question.
These come in the references to Wells during the space trip to Mars and in Ransom's fears upon seeing the Sorns and in the general allusion to Swift in the parallel to Gulliver with the Houyhnhnms (as on his structural chart).
Gulliver eventually encounters the Houyhnhnms, a race of intelligent horses whose name means "the perfection of nature.