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common fly that frequents human habitations and spreads many diseases

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Blowflies and houseflies, both carrion fly species, are often exposed to unhygienic matter because they use feces and decaying organic matter to nurture their young, where they could pick up bacteria that could act as pathogens to humans, plants and animals.
After 30 minutes of acclimation, each scorpion was offered a fixed number of grasshopper nymphs (n = 10), grasshopper adults (n = 5), houseflies (n = 20), lycosid spiders (n = 20), moths (n = 10), or house crickets (n = 10).
Also, in the rest of Arabian Gulf region, houseflies were little studied.
Houseflies are usually easy to identify based on their habits.
Insect species believed to have the greatest potential for human food or animal feed in the European Union include houseflies, mealworms, crickets and silkworms.
AgriProtein will house millions of black soldier flies, blowflies, and common houseflies in cages and feed them a combination of manure and leftover food.
Scientists Make Houseflies 'Fall In Love' With A Ball Of Wax Using Lasers [(http://au.
Houseflies live in close association with humans and breed in animal manure, human excrement, garbage, animal bedding, and decaying organic matter where bacteria are also abundant (24).
This species exhibits great diversity both morphologically [2-4] and genetically [4-6] recognized three forms constituents of a geographic cline of Musca domestica, based on the ratio of frons to head width of males and on abdominal coloration [7], on the other hand, rejected Sacca's classification and proposed the subspecific taxon Musca domestica for all houseflies outside the Ethiopian region.
What enables houseflies to walk upside down on ceilings?
16b - Two million bacteria may be carried at any time by houseflies.
But, what troubled a bunch of us sitting on the ground was not the background noise but a swarm of houseflies that chose to sit on our pens and microphones.
Entomologists at Ohio State University in Columbus say a pair of houseflies can produce five to six hatches, each with 100-plus eggs.
Pathogenic organisms are picked-up by the flies from garbage, sewage and other sources of filth and transferred to human food either mechanically from contaminated external body parts or after consumption by houseflies through vomiting and defecation while feeding on food.
Itchy Ritchy, boss of a swarm of houseflies, teaches his underlings how to make the most of filth and survive attacks from humans.