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Members of the House of Windsor are sticklers for ancient ritual and tradition.
The Royal Mint has marked the historic anniversary of the House of Windsor with a commemorative PS5 coin which features Windsor Castle's Round Tower.
thought out Their boringly William and Kate, tipped to drum up support for the House of Windsor, have become as boringly dutiful as the Queen
A thousand years of British history are presented through the lives of monarchs from William the Norman to Elizabeth of the House of Windsor.
Few people would have guessed that there would also be a ballet, but Danish audiences are currently enjoying the antics of Diana, Dodi Al-Fayed, and the members of the House of Windsor in a new full-length ballet by Peter Schaufuss.
The bombshell, less than two weeks after Fergie's divorce, will rock the crumbling House of Windsor, still trying to recover from a string of damaging disclosures.
Her own story on Princess Di, who was photographed in full House of Windsor regalia, boosted newsstand sales by 100,000 copies and helped convince Newhouse to stick with the venture.
Cast-iron proof the House of Windsor is advised by backward-looking, insular, clubby courtiers - and talk of 'modernisation' is risible" Janet Street-Porter on the Order of Merit, of which there's only one woman.
As the Queen ages, Philip seeming to fade away, Charles has pulled the House of Windsor into the 21st Century often deputising for them.
Here, Fiona Bruce and the team set up camp at Kensington Palace in central London, where all the visitors have had encounters with members of the House of Windsor - and are more than willing to share them with viewers.
The Kings and Queens series, which has shown the 600-year royal journey over the past four years, will conclude with the launch of House of Windsor and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha stamps, the spokesman said.
I'm afraid diversity isn't a word recognised within the House of Windsor.
Now, in William and Kate, the House of Windsor has a young couple who thankfully share his grandmother's keen sense of duty.