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"Since the Saxe-Coburg family belonged to the House of Wettin in the District of Wipper, Wettin or Wipper might be more appropriate," historian Anne Edwards wrote on her book "Matriarch: Queen Mary And The House Of Windsor." "Either one could have passed for an English name, but both were considered 'unsuitably comic,'" she continued.
House of Windsor's tobacco products are known for generations by many to be the finest made products of the century.
Members of the House of Windsor are sticklers for ancient ritual and tradition.
He later won a concession in 1960 when it was announced that the Queen's direct descendants - other than those with the style of Royal Highness and the title of Prince or Princess - when they needed a surname would use Mountbatten-Windsor, although the royal house remains the House of Windsor.
She's brought back the beauty and the glamour that's been missing from the House of Windsor since Diana died.
George has become the poster baby for the House of Windsor. That slobbery grin could quieten the most republican of hearts.
1917:Amid anti-German feeling in World War I, the British Royal Family adopted the name House of Windsor in place of House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.
THEY mark the great historic moments of the House of Windsor - and a football match.
The Queen Channel 4, 8.00pm The monarch faces increasing challenges during the annus horribilis 1992, including the devastating fire at Windsor Castle and a surge in tabloid criticism which signalled the end of the age of deference toward the House of Windsor. The Queen must also deal with the problems caused by Princess Diana, whose involvement with Andrew Morton's biography dealt a heavy blow to the royals' public image.
A thousand years of British history are presented through the lives of monarchs from William the Norman to Elizabeth of the House of Windsor. Fraser, a historical biographer, expertly arranges and introduces the long essays of the eight contributing historians, and the experienced reader maintains listener interest through the numerous semi-voiced anecdotes that punctuate the saga.
Few people would have guessed that there would also be a ballet, but Danish audiences are currently enjoying the antics of Diana, Dodi Al-Fayed, and the members of the House of Windsor in a new full-length ballet by Peter Schaufuss.
Her own story on Princess Di, who was photographed in full House of Windsor regalia, boosted newsstand sales by 100,000 copies and helped convince Newhouse to stick with the venture.
At what point are people going to realise that the House of Windsor doesn't really give a short, sharp thought for anyone but themselves.
Kydd was forced to give up her kids following her divorce from John, and it was discussed in Netflix's documentary "The Royal House of Windsor."