House of Representatives

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The House of Representatives justice panel on Thursday will vote on whether the complaint filed by lawyer Larry Gadon has probable cause to oust Sereno.
The matter was taken to the House of Representatives and a public hearing was fixed in respect of the matter.
We, at the House of Representatives, discussed that we would be taking a hard stance here, because whatever we have tackled and approved at the House of Representatives, that is what we expect to happen.
The government plans to present its economic and social programme to the House of Representatives to gain their confidence and continue running the country over the upcoming period.
Meanwhile, a bill requiring that all future state auditors be CPAs passed Maine's House of Representatives but stalled in its Senate.
The entire point of our article was this: not only is the House of Representatives the principled path for constitutionalists to follow in restoring our Republic, it is the only practical one.
A Democratic State Senator midway through a four-year term, she was a natural to run for a seat in the House of Representatives next year.
was recently recognized for its 130 years in business by Ohio Governor Bob Taft and the Ohio House of Representatives.
Watts, the only black Republican in the House of Representatives.
House of Representatives approved medical liability reform legislation - H.
House of Representatives to pass the "Cyber Security Enhancement Act of 2002" by an overwhelming majority.
House of Representatives has expressed support for the display of the words "God Bless America" in the nation's public schools.
SCOTT MCINNIS in the House of Representatives TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2000
Tax Executives Institute urges the House of Representatives to restore full funding to the Internal Revenue Service's fiscal year 2001 appropriations.