House of Islam

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areas where Muslims are in the majority

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Islam saw itself as the center of truth and enlightenment, Lewis explained, and divided the world into the House of Islam and the House of Warthat part of the world yet unassimilated into the true faith.
This debate highlights the diversity within the House of Islam, illustrating the different ways of being Muslim.
Recently, however, we have seen in the Muslim world a spate of attacks on Jews--odious references, for example, in Saudi textbooks, teaching that Jews look like "pigs and monkeys"--all suggesting that there is no place for Jewish communities in the House of Islam.
Also, if you have so much hatred within the House of Islam then what hope for non-Muslim minorities in mainly Muslim nations?
He emphasized "the importance of Bab Al-Mandab which if we, God willing, controlled it and brought it back to the house of Islam, would be a great victory and would give us great influence.
Salafists basically view the world in two spheres, the House of Islam (or peace) and the House of the Unbelievers (or war).
Highly educated, lacking the means to marry or acquire their own apartment, dodging parental reproach and dour governmental strictures, dissatisfied but not to the point of rebellion, this young couple is typical enough C of a nation in a halfway house of Islam and modernity.
Some of them, often called "fundamentalism" or "Islamism," stress the need for a deep religious and moral reform within the House of Islam and the reestablishment of Islamic political power.
A teacher to the teachers of today's jihadists, Qutb produced a synthesis that requires the cleansing of the House of Islam of infidels and unbelievers; the creation of an Islamic state governed by Islamic law; the state's extension through conquest in the House of War; and the treatment of other religions and political orders as not simply mistaken but evils to be extinguished, and the treatment of all who disagree--Muslim as well as non-Muslims--as enemies to be wiped out.
To her, the most obvious difference was that the so-called House of War (the nonbelieving West) was not "soulless," as she had been warned, but prosperous, welcoming, and basically at peace, whereas the House of Islam remains mired in poverty, cruelty, inequality, and bloody conflict.
Nor can it be said that all is well within the house of Islam.
Down the many centuries, Muslims have seen themselves inhabiting the Dar al-Islam, and in this exclusive House of Islam they are to have their way in all matters great and small.
Since the time of the Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic community, the House of Islam, has spread throughout the world, encompassing approximately 1 billion people (Husain, 1998; Waines, 1995), nearly half of whom live in South and Southeast Asia (Eickelman, 1998).
All other areas are comprised in Dar al-Harb (the House of War), which should be pacified by converting the world into one unique House of Islam.