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Synonyms for houseman

junior doctor


Synonyms for houseman

an advanced student or graduate in medicine gaining supervised practical experience ('houseman' is a British term)

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Now a rescued black man plays a tune for a stranded white man, and--whether or not the guitarist's choice of melody is as sarcastic as "Bye Bye Blackbird" in Barry's example--the rage of the cotton house man suggests that the guitarist's strumming is no less a slap in the face than the sound of the Capitofs calliope to Greenville's black community.
After spending five days in hospital, Brett, a slaughter house man is well on his way to making a full recovery.
That's not the way the world really works anymore," the White House man continued.
The change to MLBAM involved hiring a full-time Dodgers Internet beat writer, Josh Rawitch, who competes daily against the local TV, radio and newspaper reporters, yet also can pull a scoop without becoming what many would perceive to be a house man for the team.
We can add ex-Crowded House man Neil Finn, Elbow, Dirty Three, Frank Black and The Walls to the list of new entries.
PC Dean Woodcock, based at Stechford police station, braved "erce station, braved "erce (c)ames to reach a disabled (c)ames to reach a disabled man trapped in a house man trapped in a house "re on New Year's Day in "re on New Year's Day in 2006.
Neal puts the button device in the coat pocket of the auction house man.
Mark E - the dub disco and deep house man of the moment - is to Ultimate what doughnuts are to Homer Simpson, what a Martini means to Shane MacGowan, what a, erm, you get the poorly made point.
Perhaps the easiest listen of the week is The Sun Came Out by superstar charity collective 7 Worlds Collide, run by former Crowded House man Neil Finn.
Points of interest: Advanced security sys tems, including TV surveillance, a 24-hour Careline service and weekdays house man ager are included in David Wilson Retirement Homes' over-55s development.
I have to admit, I'm a new house man," says Richard.
In 1971,he was promoted to senior house man and it seemed that the promise he had shown as a child was maturing.
We became housekeeper and house man for film stars and fashion designers, but we became home sick.
Without becoming a house man for the Dodgers, Clippers or UCLA - all tenants of the station - Smith's credibility has also landed him as a frequent guest on Fox Sports Net 2's ``Sports Roundtable'' show.
Polly, Downstairs Maid Jennifer Smith Arthur, Butler Glenn Turner Chester, House Man Barry, Finkel Sunny, Scullery Maid Kisha Howard Stanley, House Boy Jeff Skowron Patsy, Cook Betsy Joslyn Peg, Upstairs Maid Dorothy Stanley Edmund, Major Domo William Ryall Margaret Lord Lisa Banes Dinah Lord Anna Kendrick Tracy Samantha Lord Melissa Errico Uncle Willie John McMartin C.