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I resign the appointment of House Surgeon to the Wolverhampton Dispensary in consequence of the partial and overbearing behaviour which the self-elected chairman at your last meeting evinced towards me.
Burki who looking at my final year result and the fact that I had already worked as House Surgeon and CMO at Mayo Hospital, declared me fit.
His first placement was at the Royal Southern Hospital in Liverpool and became a house surgeon in 1913.
But the formidable figure of Doctor In The House surgeon Sir Lancelot Spratt - feared by patients and loathed by junior doctors - lingers on.
I remember once at Bahawalpur a patient was bleeding too much during operation, I sent my house surgeon a nice young girl to ask and convince the patient's relatives to arrange more blood.
When he died, the on-call house surgeon attended and certified his death.
On arriving home he studied medicine at Charing Cross Hospital in 1844 and was appointed house surgeon after his second year.
The operation was to be performed by the house surgeon, George Hayward, assisted by Warren.
He was the first house surgeon at Chester Royal Infirmary until he joined the Army in 1943.
Present SOE program for another State include the electrification of homes that have not been electricity, coaching former athlete, veteran house surgeon, students become acquainted with Nusantara, Jalan Sehat 5 Km Go Clean and folk competition held in commemoration of the 71st anniversary of RI.
House Surgeon, Department of General Surgery Shimogga Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Shivamogga, Karnataka, India.
She was appointed house surgeon at the Birmingham Accident Hospital, now closed, but in those days famous for its care of every variety of accident emergency and a great training ground for young surgeons.
Chavasse, a house surgeon at Liverpool's Royal Southern hospital, was the medical officer for the 10th (Liverpool Scottish) Battalion, the King's (Liverpool) Regiment.
Nikolai Rainov, house surgeon at Walton Hospital and lecturer at Liverpool University, accepted that Mrs Kaufman had not displayed the symptom of an SAH, which is difficulty placing the chin on the chest.