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moderately sweet raised roll containing spices and raisins and citron and decorated with a cross-shaped sugar glaze


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The new branding was launched on the 17th of March this year for Kingsmill Square, Soft White, Tasty Wholemeal, Whole and White, 7 Days Fresh, Rolls and Hot Cross Buns.
59 If there can be such a thing as a luxurious hot cross bun, then this is undoubtedly it.
If you fancy unleashing your inner baker, and filling your kitchen with the delicious scent of baking bread, try this recipe for Guinness hot cross buns.
Other best sellers included hot cross buns and luxury toiletries such as ranges from Cath Kidston and Neal's Yard.
Lucy Aithewaite, a 28-year-old university administrator, from Billingham: "Chocolate eggs and hot cross buns.
WORKERS at Greggs bakery in Birmingham aren't allowed to stack more than 20 trays of hot cross buns on top of each other.
GREGGS, the region's leading sandwich, sweet and savoury bakers, have teamed up with Wales on Sunday to offer readers a one-off offer on its Easter hot cross buns.
I was asked to produce a good-looking dessert with ingredients in my cupboard, so after finding hot cross buns, two kinds of berries and lemon curd, this is what I came up with.
A Suffolk County Council spokesman said: "We have not issued any guidelines on hot cross buns.
Despite the old rhyme, hot cross buns are no longer one a penny, but a quick shortcut makes them an Easter tradition well worth reviving.
Kevin was awarded his title for his hot cross buns and vol-au-vents, together with category wins in the Best New Idea and Granary Loaf national competitions, for his 800g Celtic Flower and 800g Malted loaves respectively.
Not forgetting, of course, creme eggs, caramel eggs, mini-eggs and hot cross buns - Easter is no less than a commercial feast for business and a gastronomic feast for punters.
Sales of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns drove strong performance in the grocery market over Easter, said the British Retail Consortium.
Who can resist delicious toasted and buttered Hot Cross Buns at Easter?
CHOCOLATE eggs and hot cross buns have hit shelves at stores in the UK - with three months to go until Easter Sunday.