hostile takeover

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a takeover that is resisted by the management of the target company

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statutes offer protection against hostile acquisitions, financial
It is often suggested that domestic hostile acquisition activity in India has not taken off primarily on account of the contrast between the inherent growth opportunities for domestic business and the heavy costs of acquisition, which may make more financial sense in saturated markets.
style hostile acquisitions or American management tactics.
Conversely, the successful acquisition by Cable & Wireless plc (C & W) of International Digital Communications (IDC) in 1999 was not a hostile acquisition, but is the only successful "contested" acquisition in Japan to date.
Australian Regional carrier Skywest moved to scupper a hostile acquisition bid by a Singapore-based group by referring it to the country's takeover watchdog.
The appeal arose from the dismissal of a federal district court action challenging the defensive measures of the TCO Board, which includes members of the Taubman family, in seeking to fend off a premium-priced hostile acquisition offer made last year by Simon Property Group, Inc.
Oracle Corp's attempted hostile acquisition of PeopleSoft Corp makes good business sense but will reduce choice for customers, according to Oracle's former number two.
A] confidentiality agreement without a standstill affords some protection to the target because the "permitted use" of information will not include using information to make a hostile acquisition.
The Finnish engineering group Partek Corporation presented today (21 May) an alternative to KONE Corporation's hostile acquisition offer, which was made yesterday.
The attempted hostile acquisition of Columbia Energy by Nisource is a similar play to gain ensured gas marketability along with, in this case, transportation assets.
30) Similarly, a hostile acquisition of the distributing or controlled corporation after the distribution would be disregarded -- but a friendly acquisition would generally be considered related to the distribution if it were pursuant to an arrangement negotiated (in whole or in part) prior to the distribution, even if it were subject to certain conditions (e.
company contemplating a hostile acquisition in Japan in today's environment would have to be very brave or very foolish.
On February 16, 1979, the Board dismissed the application, concluding that the acquisition would be unlawful under a Maryland law that forbade any hostile acquisition of a Maryland bank.
indeed, some consider risk management itself a hostile acquisition in that it uses techniques such as bio-data screening and psychometric testing to identify employees with attitude problems and to screen prospective employees.
Poison debt" and "poison preferred" securities--When a hostile acquisition is made, the acquiring party frequently has borrowed a substantial portion of the funds needed to make the acquisition.