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Synonyms for hostage

Synonyms for hostage

a prisoner who is held by one party to insure that another party will meet specified terms


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It acknowledges that kidnapping and hostage-taking are incredibly traumatic events, which often push the victims, their families, employers and governments to the limit.
The company said it was "aware of the hostage-taking that is ongoing at the property today, 20th November 2015.
Belgian TV said that another siege had taken place in Ghent in October, involving a man implicated in an earlier hostage-taking.
It is supposed that members of the criminal group were involved in murders and hostage-taking.
Aboutalebi has insisted he was not part of the hostage-taking in November 1979, when students who had overthrown the pro-Western shah seized the US embassy, but that he later joined the student group.
In a resolution on Monday, the Council urged member states to work in conjunction with relevant international organisations to adopt legislation to facilitate prosecution of suspected pirates, as well as to cooperate on the issue of hostage-taking.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's recent pledge to resolve tension over a 2010 hostage-taking in Manila in which eight Hong Kong citizens died was "too late" as Hong Kong had agreed to put the crisis "behind," Philippine presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda was quoted as saying in a Manila news report picked up Friday by media in Hong Kong.
It's kind of a hostage-taking thing," said Texas Tribune Executive Editor Ross Ramsey.
Tunisia: Tunisia has deployed special forces near oil and gas sites in the far south, close to the Algerian border, in the wake of the In Amenas hostage-taking attack, security sources said on Tuesday.
Four people, probably including a gunman, were killed during a hostage-taking incident at a house in southern Germany on Wednesday, a police spokesman said.
Ould Mohamedou recalled the terrorist acts perpetrated in this region over the past few years, as well as the hostage-taking incidents, many of which ended by the tragic death of nationals from the West.
The Besancon mayor's spokesman said: "the hostage-taking is over" and 20 children and their teacher are safe.
A spokesman for the Prison Service said it was unclear what had sparked the hostage-taking but added the incident was resolved peacefully within two hours.
Summary: The Iraqi government stated on Tuesday it would punish security officials in the Baghdad district where Al-Qaeda gunmen luanched a deadly hostage-taking at a church.