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Synonyms for horseradish

coarse Eurasian plant cultivated for its thick white pungent root

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You can't have roast beef without a good horse-radish sauce but where does this hot, tasty material come from before it ends up in a jar on a supermarket shelf?
For the creme fraiche horseradish sauce: In bowl, combine sour cream, creme fraiche, horse-radish and vinegar.
Salmon and haddock are cured in the traditional Nordic method, and are offered with two compotes made from sea buckthorn berry and carrot, and green tomato and horse-radish.
homemade hamburger, a twist on tradition that featured chipotle mayonnaise reminiscent of horse-radish sauce, not favored by this palate and a choice we paid for all afternoon.
Timbales (smoked salmon with horse-radish and asparagus) weigh in at 70g and the fourth product is brined and vacuum packed Poached Salmon Fillets.
Have you ever felt your sinuses open after an invigorating meal of sushi laced with the potent green Japanese horse-radish known as wasabi?