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a fine-grained metamorphic rock formed by the action of heat on clay rocks


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In the study area lithological units is outcrops the second to fourth periods, which from old to new are as follows: phyllite, ouartzite, paragneiss, marble, shell, sandstone with tufa, volcanic rocks, crystalline limestone locally with fosolina, metamorphic volcanic and tufa, cherty limestone, phyllite, metamorphic quartzarenite, micaschist, metadolomite, amphibolite, limestone, shale and sandstone, schist hornfels, orthogneiss, granodiorite, oput rock, shale and phyllite sandstone, granite, granodiorite, diorite, dolomitic lime, radiolarit breccia, rodist lime, orbitoline, radiolarat, black and blue marl with limestone, alluvium.
Drill hole GHD007 is oriented toward the NE, and was designed to target the NE edge of Hobbs Pipe 1 near the surface, and then continue on to test the geology beneath historical highly anomalous hornfels metasediment hosted mineralisation.
Not a vestige of mineralization remains in this narrow trench (Figure 13) that slices through highly metamorphosed cherty limestones and shales now altered to marbles, phyllites, and hornfels. This vein pinched out at shallow depth and was abruptly terminated a few meters within the adjacent hillside by a major transverse fault and gouge zone, both of which were also mineralized.
the most favoured material among the Nepean pebbles for the large implements is hornfels, although a wide range of other stones is present'.
Wide zones of low grade gold (Au) and silver (Ag) mineralization, accompanied by widespread propylitic alteration, biotite hornfels and silicification were intersected in a number of drillholes at spatially separate targets including Mabel Jenny, Mabel Jenny North and the Prince of Wales (Table 1).
The company president, Gregory E McKelvey, said, 'Significant trace element intercepts coincident with a major hornfels event and cross cutting veining with numerous gold occurrences over hundreds of metres is an exciting verification of a significantly larger gold target than was understood in the past.
Hornfels also occurs locally, particularly adjacent to the metamorphic zone near Mount Alexina and as cobbles within Hughes Creek.
This created an an andalusite-mica-cordierite hornfels skarn, as well as mottled schist and fruchtschiefer (a kind of spotted slate).
From the second location 3 kinds of rock samples were taken: granite, hornfels, and the sample from the "contact" between the granite and the hornfels.
The client geologist had identified the main constituent ore types in the orebody as follows: trachyte porphyry (76%); quartz trachyte porphyry (12%); Precambrian schist (7%); with Cambrian hornfels and quartzite and horublende trachyte porphyry accounting for the remainder.
"My favourite is the Hornfels from the Mourne Mountains, which is easily identified by hill walkers as the stone with a green glisten when it is wet," said Rune.
Jin et al.(5) summarize the results from a survey over a cupriferous pyrite skarn at Baijiacun, Shanghai, which plunges westward along the contact zone between granodiorite and interlayered marbles in hornfels, and is concealed beneath 140 to 160 m of transported Quaternary sediments, on which a thick soil cover has developed.
The contact zone between the intrusive monzonite and hornfels volcanic/sedimentary rocks host several sub-parallel gold bearing shear zones.