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a primer that provides instruction in the rudiments or basic skills of a branch of knowledge

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Also, Justice Stephen Breyer said during oral arguments, "I thought it was hornbook law that agency conduct was judicially reviewable.
It is hornbook law that prior statements of a witness that are consistent with his or her testimony are inadmissible unless they fit within a hearsay exception, (6) though one of the hornbooks that states the rule also criticizes it.
In articulating the basic framework in which this care and restraint is applied in the exercise of our judicial powers, our Court has explained some basic hornbook law on the law of nations--that is, customary international law (18)--that will reveal the challenges faced by any court in an ATS case.
This, of course, is hornbook law to all of us in the insurance field, but the Court seems intent on breathing new life into these old and oft cited rules.
245) Most constitutionalists know that the doctrine they teach is in large part false: it is hornbook law that wealth classifications do not yield heightened scrutiny, (246) yet it is also true that wealth can be enough to strike down a law that deprives one of the right to vote (247) or the right to an appeal; (248) similarly, distinctions that do not merit strict scrutiny, such as mental retardation, (249) can in fact trigger stringent review.