Horatio Walpole

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English writer and historian

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(41.) Walpole, "Essay Contribution to The World, February 8, 1753," in The Works of Horatio Walpole (London, 1798), I.
Nelson was named after Sir Robert's brother, Lord Horatio Walpole, as was Sir Robert's son, who changed his name to Horace Walpole (and coined the term "serendipity").
Its authorship is only confirmed by Walpole's reference to the piece in his biographical record Short Notes on the Life of Horatio Walpole, and its parodic complexity can only be unravelled through reference to the holograph transcription he made at least eight years later and kept in a commonplace book (mainly a collection of verses and political satires) that also contained two copies of the printed version, one pasted in at the end of the book and the other, inscribed 'This Belongs To Georges Coffee House Temple Barr', a loose insert.
Dodsley, 1759; Edinburgh: 1796); The Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford, 5 vols (London: G.
For example, the unfortunate Horatio Walpole was lampooned in biting satire and reminded,