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a member of the Shoshonean people of northeastern Arizona

the Shoshonean language spoken by the Hopi

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Editors Sheridan, Koyiyumptewa, Daughters, Brenneman, Ferguson, Kuwanwisiwma, and Lomayestewa present readers with a collection of academic essays and scholarly articles focused on the history between the Spanish and the Hopis from 1540 to 1679.
charitable foundation said Wednesday that it was the anonymous bidder that paid $530,000 for 24 Native American masks in a Paris auction and will return them to the Hopi Nation in Arizona and the San Carlos Apache tribe.
This is one of the hot spots we've found at the dump," said Lionel Puhuyesva, director of the Hopi Tribe's Water Resources Program, pointing to a well that monitors groundwater under the dump.
The previous study looked at the likenesses of the supernaturals as represented by both Hopis and non-Hopis in an assortment of media, including paintings, jewelry, textiles, and gourds, as well as on a wide range of tourist objects.
The Hopis were very receptive, but the non-native people on the Hopi Res were very standoffish.
The Hopi potter, a woman named Doris with ample arms and breasts, is demonstrating how she creates her honey-colored vases, bowls, and platters, which she sells, often for hundreds of dollars apiece, to the "outside"--i.
Debby Tewa, a Hopi solar electrician who has worked on Native Sun and other solar projects in the Southwest, explains: "The traditional Hopis don't allow power lines into the villages because the utilities will have right of way onto Hopi and.
When the first Snowbowl proposal was under consideration in 1979, Forest Service representatives met with Hopi elders in Washington, DC.
Last summer, I journeyed to the Hopi mesas to show a rough cut of the documentary to the Hopis who had participated in the making of the film.
Navajos and Hopis even boiled the resin with sheep and goat hooves to make glue to repair broken pottery or cement turquoise into silver settings.
These offers were never seriously entertained by the Hopis, and the United States government has continued to insist that the Navajo families must relocate.
The challenge: What's an ecclesiologist going to do in a diocese with a population of less than one Catholic per square mile (40,000 Catholics in 55,000 square miles); where in the decades immediately ahead most of the pastors and women religious will have retired where half the Catholics -- Navajos and Hopis particularly -- don't live anywhere near a town.
His evocation of Monument Valley is an imaginary one, with panels simultaneously depicting the Hoover Dam, dancing Hopis and Navajos, John Ford shooting the 1956 film The Searchers, saguaro cactus forests, and desert highways stretching off into the far distance.
You find people living around the reservations will go and see the Hopis rather than their own GP.
The cliff painting in "They Told Stories," for example, represent the journey of the first Hopis, who, according to tradition, ascended on a reed to this world from the worlds below, and Lomatewama sees himself in these images, becoming those ancestors as he observes their journey in the paintings.