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With just one season left, I hopeI continue to see our own young players coming through at the same rate they have in the last few years, that's been encouraging for me.
Carcharias hopei has previously been reported from other North American Eocene sites in Alabama (27), Arkansas (28), Virginia (15), and Maryland (9).
It doesn't bother me what people think about me, but I hopeI get a good reception from the Cardiff fans,'' Brazier told The Western Mail.
Stephen told me his grandfather had been a wealthy landlord in the province of Hopei in northern China.
Esta montana esta situada en la provincia de Hopei (Hubei), en el condado Jungxian.
53-66; Ramon Myers, The Chinese Peasant Economy: Agricultural Development in Hopei and Shantung, 1890-1949 (Cambridge, 1970), pp.
The price is said to be the highest ever paid for a giant stag beetle, whose scientific name is dorcus hopei.