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In the subcanopy, hop-hornbeam is largely restricted to maple-dominated stands.
Group II.--Plots dominated by sugar maple with basswood, yellow birch, and hop-hornbeam on well-drained sandy alluvial soils (plots 1, 7099-7104) or relatively deep glacial drift (plots 2, 3, 6).
Overal basal area declines for yellow birch and basswood are a consequence of several plots experiencing large declines while others changed little or increased slightly; basal area of hop-hornbeam showed large proportional increases in the majority of plots (Fig.
Only hop-hornbeam and hemlock increased in stem density (new stems exceeding mortality in Table 2).
Hop-hornbeam diameter growth was independent of plot group and was only slightly affected by dbh (P [less than]0.10).
Too few hop-hornbeam trees were measured in early samples to assess the relationship between growth rate and mortality.