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31st President of the United States

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In response to the stock-market crash in October 1929 and the economic weakness that developed in its aftermath, the Hoover administration inidated a series of legislative interventions, assigning the federal government a role in "engineering" a stimulus of the national economy, a sharp divergence from the Harding-Coolidge policies.
In their eyes, the modern-day Tea Parties and the academics and intellectuals who agree with their criticism of activist government are repeating the mistakes of the Hoover Administration and delivering us to a repeat of the Great Depression.
He can quote ballistic tables for every centerfire cartridge produced since the Hoover Administration. He wouldn't be caught dead in mismatched camo, and you'll never see him wearing green before Easter.
The Hoover Administration's air mail contracts were officially cancelled in the Roosevelt Administration on February 19, 1934, and information relating to that event can be found in the President's Official File 19.
(3) This Contemporary Explanations section also contains an interesting review of the Hoover Administration and Federal Reserve Board's "liquidationists" (who obviously lost out in policy discussions) and who "viewed the events of the Depression as economic penance for the speculative excesses of the 1920s", page 10.
Vandenberg, a former newspaper editor and publisher from Michigan, entered the Senate during the Hoover administration, opposed much of the Roosevelt New Deal, even the Social Security Act, and was an isolationist in world affairs.
Demands for action from the Hoover administration led Congress to pass legislation in 1932 offering $300 million in loans through the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to state and local governments.
The federal government first assumed the role of economic paramedic during the Hoover administration, when the first economic stimulus bill was passed.
Then the Hoover administration tried to balance the federal budget by raising taxes.
A first FDR decision, before he took office, was that he wouldn't get caught up in the flailing rescue measures of the lame-duck Hoover administration. Then, as now, the problem was a paralyzing credit crisis.
The Washington Post's "Federal Diary" column, which dates back to the Hoover Administration, will continue under Joe Davidson, a Post metro section editor.
In 1932, he reported on the Hoover administration's brutal attacks on World War I veterans, the so-called Bonus Marchers, who had gathered in Washington to demand cash payments for bonds that had been issued earlier for their military service.
He minces no words, nor does he hide a deep dislike of the Hoover administration, which preceded Roosevelt's.
David Lee offers a rehabilitation of the Hoover administration's corporative approach to airmail via negotiated contracts, which was pilloried by Senator Hugo Black.
Eventually, the Hoover administration decided to evict the Bonus Army from Washington, D.C.