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Synonyms for Hoover

United States industrialist who manufactured vacuum cleaners (1849-1932)

United States lawyer who was director of the FBI for 48 years (1895-1972)

31st President of the United States

a kind of vacuum cleaner

clean with a vacuum cleaner

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The study also found that both an injection of blood from a sick animal and exposure to infected brain tissue transmitted the infection, Hoover and 16 colleagues report in the Oct.
Jeansonne's reassessment of Hoover's politics manages to unravel a twisted heritage of interpretive misunderstanding and bias that has plagued the one-term president since the 1930s.
Instead, he asked Hoover to return to the White House the following day with Secretary of State Cordell Hull.
Hoover, writes Jeansonne, has been reduced to the "economic Satan" who brought or failed to stop the Great Depression, condemned to sit, scowling, arms folded, beside Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan among the worst presidents.
Of the many previous biographies of Hoover, I have read two, both relatively recent, both very good--the concise Herbert Hoover (2009) by William E.
In his new role, Hoover will be responsible for research and product development, reporting to Jeff Jacobson, CEO of Xerox following the company's separation.
For more information about the services offered by Hoover & Associates and interviews with Randall Hoover, please call Elizabeth Chaney at 248/298-4000 or visit www.hooverassociates.com.
The transaction will not affect Hoover Color's existing product range and supply will continue seamlessly.
Steve Macdonald, marketing director of Hoover's freestanding division, says: "We are confident that the Hoover Wizard range will change the way we do our chores in the UK as we no longer need to be at home to stay in control."
Hoover said in his lawsuit that he fell and injured his back in 2009.
Who was Herbert Hoover? Answering that question depends not only on the perspective from which the query is made but also the time period of his life.
The crusade years 1933-1955; Herbert Hoover's lost memoir of the New Deal era and its aftermath.
Hoover Energy Partners LP and its affiliate Hoover Energy Texas Crude LLC have begun operations and is flowing oil on Phase I of its Pecos Crossing Pipeline, a 25-mile.
Roosevelt The objections raised to the use of aggressive fiscal and monetary policy to deal with the stagnant economy have invited comparisons as well, namely to the Herbert Hoover presidency of 1929-33.