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Speaking of firsts, when the initial issue of Indiana-based Bowhunter Magazine rolled off a printing press in 1971, the Hoosier State deer population had mushroomed to an estimated 70,000 animals, and the annual archery harvest topped 600.
Indiana is known as the Hoosier state, so all people from there are called Hoosiers.
In another Hoosier state merger, members of the Gibson County Co-op, the Dubois County Co-op in Huntingburg, the Warrick County Co-op in Chrisney and the Spencer County Co-op voted to approve a merger to gain greater buying power.
Davis' comments during the Big Ten weekly media conference call this week told of the situation, and how he views himself, as an Alabama graduate, coaching in the Hoosier state.
Growing up in Indiana and hearing all those stories about Abraham Lincoln's boyhood in the Hoosier state left its mark on Jeff Kottkamp.
Indiana newsprint tax dies: A bill that would have imposed a $25-per-metric-ton excise tax on newsprint has died in the Indiana general assembly, the Hoosier State Press Association said last week.
The Hoosier state always supports GOP candidates for president, but it is dominated by laid-back Republicans, not the reflexive Washington-haters who make up so much of the party's base.
The information in the 2001 Indiana All-Businesses Database enables sales and marketing professionals to quickly identify their best prospects in the Hoosier State," said David Wilkof, Vice President of Marketing at Harris InfoSource.
All the marvelous little-town and big-town clippings, all the human-interest stories, and all the little names that would someday become big names got to us, and we began to understand the passion that the Hoosier state had for its basketball tournament.
Starting today more customers in the Hoosier State will benefit from the coverage, quality and speed of unlimited high-speed 4G LTE from Sprint
Indiana leads the Midwest in fields like manufacturing and innovation, and I'm thankful to join AM General as Mercedes-Benz takes this next step to begin production of their vehicle right here in the Hoosier State.
Travellers moving between Indianapolis and points north to Chicago have more schedule choices through Amtrak's Cardinal and Hoosier State trains in one direction and the option of returning by bus.
DOT is the third German company in recent weeks to announce plans to add jobs and invest in the Hoosier State.
The awards dinner brings together the middle-market dealmaking community and business leaders from Indiana-based companies to honor the key growth stories in the Hoosier State from the past year.
As the controversy raged in the Hoosier State, Devan Filchak, a sophomore at Ball State University in Muncie, wrote a newspaper column recounting an incident in her high school when her science teacher showed a creationist video in class.