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an ancient tradition still sometimes observed

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(96) Acknowledging that there is little strong empirical research, and that information is "not always of rigorous scientific origin," the researchers outline their methodology: they reviewed research literature, reviewed materials directed at law enforcement created by the AHA Foundation, reviewed websites focusing on "honor violence," watched three movies about "honor violence," including (the heavily criticized) "Honor Diaries," tried to interview U.S.
Finally, the authors also reviewed online sources about cases that either occurred in the U.S., were planned in the U.S., and/or were somehow connected to people or events in the U.S., searching the web for "keywords such as 'honor violence,' 'honor killings,' 'honor crime,' 'forced marriage,' and 'female genital mutilation.'" Searching over a 24-year period, from 1990-2014, the authors found fourteen "honor killings," one suspected "honor killing," one threatened "honor killing," and two cases of "honor violence." The study notes that this "does not appear to be consistent with the estimate" of 23-27 killings per year in the unpublished study (98)--the rate of "honor killing" would instead be fewer than one per year in the United States.
The call of the Introduction is to "ask if honor violence of the type that the international community has recently addressed is a problem among migrants in the United States that merits greater scrutiny and action by policy makers, professionals and researchers." The study explains its decision to focus on what it calls people from "MENASA" countries (the authors mistake Southeast Asia for South Asia), labeling these countries as placed within what Curtis et al.
(86.) See Cynthia Helba ct at, Report on Exploratory Study into Honor Violence Measurement Methods, WESTAT (Nov.
So-called honor violence exists solely in the realm of the
(44) Honor violence comes from the belief that family members,
Honor violence is often used as a defense or partial defense to