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an ancient tradition still sometimes observed

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Despite the adoption of tough laws, awareness campaigns and global opprobrium, suspected honor killings -- crimes committed against women who are seen as having transgressed social codes of honor -- occur in Palestinian as well as the wider Arab society with tragic regularity.
The unresolved issue of honor killings has devoured several lives.
(6) The Purpose section of EO-2 was stripped of any reference to "honor killings," but EO-2 retained the mandate for data collection and reporting about "honor killings." On September 24, 2017, the Trump administration once again revised its approach in the face of legal challenges by issuing a Presidential Proclamation (hereinafter, "EO-3"), which replaced most but not all of EO-2.
(1) However, researchers found that support for honor killings was more widespread among adolescents from poorer and more traditional family backgrounds.
Article 98 of the Penal Code is most often used on behalf of criminals in honor killings. (50) This article is utilized when a person commits a dangerous act in a state of great fury (or "fit of fury").
But the proposed legislation on honor killings recommends 25 years imprisonment even if the heirs of the victim pardon the convict.
The incidents of honor killings are on the rise in the country because of the insistence by some in the name of ideology that murders even with malafide intent are compoundable.
Lari adds that while socio-economic gaps need to be taken fully into account, the problem of honor killings spans class groups.
12 of 1960, in order to abolish the reduced sentence in cases of 'honor killings' against women.
Less than one month after the death of a young Delhi gang-rape victim sparked a massive series of protests across India demanding a change in the country's attitudes towards its women, a group of council elders have defended another type of violence against females 6 the ancient practice of 'honor killings' in the country.
In the wake of an alarming rise in honor killings in northern India, the federal government is contemplating legislation to put an end to the horrifying violence that prevents young people from selecting life partners of their choice.
The phenomenon of honor killings has apparently taken India by storm in recent times.
Ozugergin added, "Turkey considered honor killings as a violation of human rights.
Chesler, who wrote "Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?" for Middle East Quarterly, said some Muslim men consider divorce a dishonor on their family.