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an ancient tradition still sometimes observed

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BEIRUT/SIDON, Lebanon: A young Syrian woman was the victim of an honor crime in the southern city of Tyre Monday after she was stabbed to death by two of her brothers, security sources said.
Honor killings are the most serious form of honor crime, but family members may also subject victims to "long-term low-level physical abuse and bullying as a punishment for 'bringing dishonor on the family.
93) Sev'er & Yurdakul, supra note 52, at 981 84 (providing several anecdotes of honor crime victims in Turkey whose indiscretions range from going to a movie in the middle of the day to running away from home to marry a man of her choice).
Due to the lack of reliable data and precise statistics, it is difficult to estimate the prevalence of honor crimes in Turkey.
Women and rights groups have been waging a fierce battle to amend the current law that gives honor crime perpetrators short jail sentences.
Summary: A teenager killed his mother in the Bekaa Valley village of Taalabaya in what appears to be an honor crime, Lebanese media reported Thursday.
A mother convicted of an honor crime usually forfeited her right to apply for custody," a lawyer, Abdulhamid al-Kumaity, told the National.
According to the organizations, Fadia is the ninth victim of an honor crime in the West Bank and Gaza this year.
Although reduced sentencing for an honor crime in Lebanon was abolished three years ago, one loophole still exists in Article 252 of the penal code, which provides for a reduced sentence for a perpetrator who is pushed to commit a crime in a fit of rage.
Earlier this month, Syria decided to increase the penalty for honor crimes, sentencing honor crime perpetrators to at least two years in jail instead of walking free.
27 attracted public attention and created media frenzy, which at one point had portrayed it as an honor crime, questioning both girls' reputations.
Activists who campaign against honor crimes use the phrase, "There is no honor in honor killing.
Some online, however, emphasized the influence of culture over religion in honor crimes.
Speakers on the occasion said the KP civil society was deeply concerned over the increasing numbers of honor crimes cases and the situation is alarming in this regard.
Gender Based Violence in Jordan: DomesticViolence and Honor Crimes.