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a compound whose molecules are composed of two identical monomers

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Following incubation with the reagents cells must be washed to reduce the possibility of background fluorescence from unspecific extracellular binding of ethidium homodimer or hydrolysis in aqueous solution of AM calcein.
The enzyme is a homodimer comprising of a pair of light and heavy chains derived from a single gene product with its subunits joined by a single disulfide bridge [3].
neapolitana existed both as homodimer as well as homotetramer have been produced under mesophilic fermentation conditions with a maximal activity at 97C.
The active form of IL6 is a homodimer where IL6 does its function by a receptor that consists of a cytokines-binding protein and a signal-transducing compound.
8) BMPs are active both as homodimer molecules that consist of two identical chains, and as a heterodimers consisting of two different chains.
The LIF receptor is a heterodimer of gp190 and gp130, whereas the IL6 receptor is a homodimer of gp130.
Also, Fos/Jun heterodimer instead of Fos/Fos or Jun/Jun homodimer formation allows production of bispecific (scFv) 2 antibodies.
Association of all three types of Fc gamma R (CD64, CD32, and CD16) with a gamma-chain homodimer in cultured human monocytes.
Aminoasit polimerleri olan proteinlerin primer yapisini aminoasit dizisi, sekonder yapisini dizinin konformasyonu ile [alpha]-heliks ve [beta]-tabakasi yapilan, tersiyer yapisini fibroz ve globuler yapi veya protein motiflerinin olusmasi, kuarterner yapisini ise homodimer veya heterodimerlerden meydana gelen alt birimler olusturur.
The tissue protective effects of EPO may be elicited through the EPOR homodimer via JAK2-STAT5 activation and mediation of apoptosis.
This isoenzyme, a homodimer, is found in mature neurons and cells of neuronal origin.
In brief, patients with HER2 gene amplification by FISH and low HER2 total protein expression or homodimer levels as measured by the VeraTag assay [31] were found to respond poorly to trastuzumab-containing therapy, with Cox proportional hazards multivariate regression identifying HER2-HER2 dimer status as an independent predictor of time to progression (HR=0.
The amount of 1-5 mM DTT is routinely used in experiments with S100B to prevent possible formation of disulphide bridges between subunits in protein homodimer.
HERmark provides accurate and quantitative measurements of HER2 total protein levels and HER2:HER2 homodimer levels.