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Synonyms for hominid

characterizing the family Hominidae, which includes Homo sapiens as well as extinct species of manlike creatures


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Archaeologists have traditionally thought that ancient stone tools appeared as hominid brains enlarged and hand grips became more humanlike.
Prior to the discovery, the 'youngest' hominid remains found in Europe was a 9.
Wrangham presents pair-bonding between males and females as a direct result of a division of labor in subsistence activities in early hominids (which itself is not well demonstrated), and the pair-bonding is equated with marriage (a cultural practice)--links that are certainly not obligatory.
The Mission Paleoanthropologique Franco-Tchadienne, led by Michael Brunet, professor at the University of Poitiers, France, said in a press release it has found six hominid specimens from the Djurab desert in northern Chad.
Five million years later the first reliable records of hominids, creatures which are more human than ape, appear.
The aim of the West Turkana Archaeological Project is to discover traces of early hominids, particularly stone tools, preserved in fossil sediments of earlier lake shores in the same area.
Paleontologists will not be able to identify the species of this hominid, or human forerunner, until all the bones are removed from the rock layers where they are embedded in the Sterkfontein cave, the site of many discoveries of early-human remains.
For some reason, the hominids also lost their hair though they were much smaller than other hairless mammals.
These hominids will be important in terms of understanding the early phases of human evolution before Lucy.
While investigating the Denisovan discrepancy, Bohlender and colleagues came to the conclusion that a third group of hominids may have bred with the ancestors of Melanesians.
8 ( ANI ): Early hominids may have developed finger dexterity and tool use ability before bipedal locomotion was developed in them, a new study has suggested.
Shen's research concludes that early hominids (likely Homo erectus) arrived at the Nihewan Basin located some 150 km from Beijing more than 1.
of California at Berkeley), includes contributions from such prominent figures as Louis Leakey and Ernst Mayr and addresses such topics as the meaning of taxonomic statements, quantitative taxonomy and human evolution, the formulation of theories of human phylogeny, the locomotor functions of hominids, behavior and human evolution, man's place in the phylogeny of primates as reflected in serum proteins, the chromosomes of the hominoidea, perspectives in molecular anthropology, problems in the analysis and comparison of monkey and ape behavior, psychological definitions of man, taxonomic evaluation of fossil hominids, and genetic entities in hominid evolution.
The earliest hominids discovered before him were four million years old.
The team found five hominids at different sites in the district.