suicide bomber

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a terrorist who blows himself up in order to kill or injure other people

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Yoni Jesner, 19, who died from the terrible injuries he had sustained the previous day when the Number 4 bus on which he was travelling, in Tel Aviv, was blown up by a homicide bomber, was the son of Norman's cousin, Joseph Jesner.
From Muhammad to Bin Laden; religious and ideological sources of the homicide bombers phenomenon.
FROM MUHAMMAD TO BIN LADEN: RELIGIOUS AND IDEOLOGICAL SOURCES OF THE HOMICIDE BOMBERS PHENOMENON is essential reading for any who would understand the underlying religious sentiments affecting Middle East politics, society and religion.
They declared with that same voice that no Iraqi regime would ever again torture its people, invade its neighbors, attack its neighbors and offer financial incentives to Palestinian homicide bombers.
Security Council resolutions condemned Hussein; Hussein continually fired on airplanes in the no-fly zone; Hussein harbored terrorists from Abu al Zarqawi to Abu Nidal to Abu Abbas; Hussein slaughtered and tortured hundreds of thousands of Muslims; Hussein subsidized homicide bombers in Israel; and Hussein tried to assassinate a former U.
The hours were long, the tasks difficult, and the danger of snipers, land mines and homicide bombers were real.
He then went on to elaborate: "This mindset manifests itself regularly in the form of homicide bombers.
imports of Arabian crude unwittingly help Saudi-backed charities pay $5,300 each to the families of West Bank homicide bombers.
Gregory also noted a much more considerable raid by the Pakistani Taliban on August 20, 2008, when homicide bombers blew up several entry points to a main armament complex at the country's main nuclear facility, the Wah Cantonment Ordnance Complex, FOX News quoted a paper, as saying.
Finally he talked about terrorism - and as many of your correspondents have pointed out --the action of homicide bombers on a civilian population cannot be justified in any circumstances.