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preparatory school work done outside school (especially at home)

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HOPES After School K-5th grade which has three main components: homework help, literacy support and cultural enrichment
For example, with SmartTutor, a K5 online tutoring system, students take an assessment test to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and each child is then placed into a personalized learning program tailored to his or her specific areas of need to better target homework help.
The library as place: How homework help fits into the big picture of the library; creating comfortable spaces for students to work; encouraging students to gather in the library; changing traditional rules to make the library more appealing as a "town plaza"; using blogs to create a sense of online community for young people.
Homework Help is a national program available in English and Spanish on the Eugene Public Library Web site, to be found at www.
Likewise, the results showed a significant main effect for family homework help, whereas parental education level appeared unrelated to the use of homework management strategies.
Topics include: faces and places, animals, art, birthdays, books, buildings, camping, disasters, environment, fashion, games and toys, geography, health, holidays, homework help, inventions, language, magic, money, movies and TV, museums, music and dance, mythology, nations, Native Americans, numbers, populations, prizes and contests, religion, science, space, sports, technology and computers, transportations, travel, the United States, volunteering, weather, weights and measures, and world history.
The county library is targeting kids in grades 6-12 in a campaign to issue library cards and promote its online tutoring program called Live Homework Help.
The insightful essays and witty observations are sure to perk a smile among travelers and mothers alike, as the author reveals the other side of living in the Bahamas--sluggish mail service, cockroach invasions, fresh milk shortages, and of course the all too familiar parenting challenges such as homework help, summer camp selection, and airline travel.
com's Live Homework Help service, the authors examined over 100 transcripts of online transactions between teens and the virtual reference librarians in California who connect students to Live Homework Help tutors.
ALABAMA -- Fourth-through 12th-graders in Alabama can get the homework help they need seven days a week, from 3 p.
There are also quizzes, cartoons, fun facts, and homework help pages that offer information on the Seven Wonders of the World, all of the bones in the human body, how to interpret Morse code, and much more.
We start [by] tutoring, mentoring, [and providing] homework help," says Russell-Drumgold.
The company will also highlight its AOL Homework Help, Radio@AOL and parental controls as well as exclusive sports content for broadband users.
com's Live Homework Help and the Learning in Libraries program.
Students are also able to find homework help, and there is a section dedicated to giving parents advice on assisting in their child's learning process.