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Synonyms for soap

money offered as a bribe

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rub soap all over, usually with the purpose of cleaning


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EARTH-FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVES PROBLEM SOLUTIONS Commercial product Home remedy Aphids Insecticidal soap spray Homemade soap spray Mites (such as Safer), (add 1/2 teaspoon mild Scales horticultural oil dish soap and 1 tea- Whiteflies spoon cooking oil to a 1 -quart sprayer filled with water) Slugs, snails Iron phosphate (Sluggo, Handpick at night Escar-Go
You never will have to experience the Saturday-night ritual of trying to shed the week's accumulation of grime in a galvanized washtub using a slab of homemade soap that for both quantity and quality made you long for the lather off a hot horse.
They also sell homemade soap - 25 percent of which is camel milk - that usually sells out quickly after being posted online.
I'll pay extra for a heritage tomato instead, or homemade soap, or local cheese.
He found this beautiful city entirely unravaged by war, but with a depressing air: "The shops empty, the market full of little groups bartering household ornaments against potatoes and homemade soap, the people pale and scared.
There is no limit to the possible topics one can create a DVD about - from homemade soap making to photography lessons.
We live in Oklahoma and barter candles for homemade soap from a friend in Missouri.
Vendors were selling books, clothing, homemade soap, tree seedlings, produce and other items they had stored in garages or attics.
We talked about everything from John Dillinger in Chicago to how to make homemade soap.
Of course, we only use biodegradable shampoos and homemade soap.
I remember making homemade soap and picking "weeds" for Grandma to make her concoctions.
We are always working on ways to become more self sufficient including heating with wood, using homemade soap, composting, gardening, canning, home-cooked meals, bulk food purchasing through co-ops and bag-your-own grocery stores.