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a classroom in which all students in a particular grade (or in a division of a grade) meet at certain times under the supervision of a teacher who takes attendance and does other administrative business


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with a home room class where activities like reading, journal writing, career discussions and specific academic problems are tackled.
and abroad; she is the Home Room columnist for TESOL's Essential Teacher.
It teaches how to identify and eliminate household fall hot spots by walking the reader through an inspection of their home room by room.
A woman was led to safety after a smouldering cigarette flared up in her care home room.
The national average private-pay cost of a private nursing home room is $181.
She was my eighth-grade home room teacher, a gently rounded older woman, purveyor of diagrammed sentences, flickering World War I documentaries and the finer points of the Louisiana Purchase.
In Moving Picture, 1998, you tour a suburban home room by room to the accompaniment of lonely, Roy Orbison-esque riffs.
Homeowners/Buyers" - provides current homeowners and home buyers with information about buying a green home, finding a REALTOR[R] with green credentials, understanding the incentives for going green, and greening a home room by room.
The comparable cost for a private nursing home room rose 4.
DREAM HOME In association " It is certainly a heart of the home room.
The annual cost for a private nursing home room is $74,208, or $203 per day, representing an increase of 4% annually since 2005.
Following this will be a visit to Tenants Hall, which will be transformed into The Design Room and the Christmas At Home Room.
One year in a private nursing home room costs, on average, nearly $100,000 in Massachusetts, reports a 2007 survey by Genworth Financial.
The old home room was quite small because Kevin Keegan believed that was better for team spirit and atmosphere," he explained.
Grant Baker attacked the bedridden woman, who is unable to speak, in her nursing home room in February last year.