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Synonyms for remedy

Synonyms for remedy

an agent used to restore health

something that corrects or counteracts

to rectify (an undesirable or unhealthy condition)


to make right what is wrong

Synonyms for remedy

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Frequency distributions were analyzed (Table 2) to address Research Question 1 regarding folk home remedy behaviors and to examine all variables in this study.
The high levels of folk home remedy behavior in conjunction with high levels of health promotion activities suggest that the use of folk home remedies may not be an obstacle to engagement in health promotion activities in these rural, elderly caregivers.
From its humble beginnings as a home remedy, Alka-Seltzer has become one of the best-selling and most-loved over-the-counter products ever marketed for acid indigestion or heartburn with headache.
It is unclear, however, whether the popular home remedy works by acidifying the urine, and how much juice a patient must consume to gain its therapeutic benefits.
A common home remedy is to rub down the paws with alcohol, thus allowing the heat to exit the body at a faster rate.
Apple cider vinegar is a popular home remedy for many conditions, including high blood pressure.
Researchers at Pennsylvania State University's medical center in Hershey have stumbled onto what may be an effective home remedy to prevent serious radioactive contamination of the thyroid gland from iodine-131 emitted in the event of a major nuclear plant mishap.
Bobek went to doctor after doctor and tried every treatment possible - even smearing mustard on her back as part of a home remedy.
We completely support the President's position on the banning of Ephedra nationwide and believe it will save many lives from misadventures with this out of date home remedy.
Baking soda's long heritage as a trusted home remedy lets it provide psychological comforts that, when combined with its utilitarian appeal, put it in almost every U.
Covering one's head with a towel and leaning over a steaming bowl of hot water and eucalyptus oil was effective as a home remedy but was neither practical outside the home nor portable.