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confinement to your own home

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They will have to do that until the judge lifts the teen's home detention.
Home detention has been shown to increase prospects of rehabilitation with suitable candidates remaining within a supportive community rather than being locked up with hard-core offenders.
The 6th Court of Federal Criminal Proceedings says it made the ruling because of a lack of evidence necessary to guarantee home detention wouldn't allow her to escape.
Rudd's lawyer, Craig Tuck, told The Associated Press that his client appeared in the Tauranga District Court on Monday on a charge of breaching conditions of his home detention by allegedly possessing and consuming alcohol.
He was jailed for 16 months last March after he admitted theft from the school He served four months and is on home detention curfew.
Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show nearly 243 convicts were released under the home detention curfew before serving half their jail sentence, according to the Daily Mail.
The 62-year-old Labour man was released after five months under the home detention curfew scheme.
The teacher, convicted on four charges after pleading guilty in a district court last year, reportedly received the sentence to 12 months' home detention and 250 hours' community service.
It is understood that the 58-year-old was freed from Standford Hill Prison in Kent under the home detention curfew scheme, which allows prisoners who pose a low risk to be tagged and released early after serving at least a quarter of their sentence.
The plans could lead to a defendant being sentenced to three years in jail, but having this reduced to 18 months and then only serving nine months or even less if eligible for a home detention curfew, the judges said.
Illinois lawmakers amended the Juvenile Court Act of 1987 to allow electronic home detention as an appropriate form of sentencing for wards of the court.
Bowdre fined Jenkins $1,000 and ordered him to serve six months in home detention.
Just one remains in Pitcairn prison and he will be eligible for home detention from early December.
Prison boss Mike Ewart will tell MSPs this week that 353 inmates are now free on home detention curfews because of the overcrowding crisis.
The accommodation is also available to those offenders who could be released on Home Detention Curfew, but are not due to the lack of suitable accommodation.