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person of exceptional holiness

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VAR Hindu holy men, known as sadhus, and pilgrims gather to bathe at a temple
M AIL T ODAY that Sikh religion does not permit painting and printing of the pictures of their gurus, the five holy men and the religious symbol on apparels such as skirts or shirts.
5 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail INDIA Two Hindu holy men get a lift on their teacher's motorcycle after being delayed for rituals at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna River.
Hindu holy men of the Juna Akhara sect participate in rituals believed to rid them of all ties in this life and dedicate themselves to serving God as a 'Naga' or naked holy man, at Sangam, during the Maha Kumbh festival in Allahabad, India.
3 ( ANI ): Taking on its core ally partner, the Janata Dal- United (JD-U), over the prime ministerial row, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday said the holy men and saints of this country have every right to decide about who they want as the prime minister of the country, not the terrorists like Hafiz Saeed.
The saints' impresarios; dreamers, healers, and holy men in Israel's urban periphery.
Far right as it was seen in China INTRIGUED: Holy men in India, above and below SEAL OF APPROVAL: A seal with sunglasses watches the eclipse in Japan, seen as diamond ring, above right.
The poems are not what one would expect from holy men of the middle ages, and prove to be quite entertaining to modern audiences.
At left, faithful mourners gather at the grill that traditionally encloses the tombs of holy men.
The holy men of the different lands preached of love and unity but to no avail.
Those who are disturbed by the thought of Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene may show little more than that they are carriers of a Gentile heritage of presuming that it is impure for holy men and women to marry.
Hevelone-Harper's picture of Barsanouphis and John suggests an idealized world of pastoral direction, monastic spirituality, and Christian piety, lacking the visionary strangeness, magic, and innovation of late antique holy men and the well-documented ambiguity of lay Christian identity in Gaza.
Warner Brothers have grabbed the rights to sci-fi novel The Sparrow in which holy men travel to a distant planet after communications from aliens.
Lavkesh Prashar, president of the society, said: "We challenge these so-called holy men to prove that they have magical powers under scientific conditions but they'd run a mile rather than be exposed.