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The 10 members of the Sikh Sangat who donated the palanquin on Thursday performed a ritual while placing the holy book on it (palanquin).
Three people were arrested from Ludhiana and Amritsar in Punjab over alleged desecration of holy books
Ashrafi appealed the diplomats to play their role for legislation by the UN against blasphemy of holy books, prophets and religions as freedom of speech did not mean instigating others on killings and riots by insulting others' religions and holy things as it could put world peace in danger.
We, as Muslims, do just that: we respect our Host (Allah) by sticking to His Holy Book as we have done for 1,500 years.
Jones was towing the grill and the kerosene-soaked holy books in the back of his pickup truck to a park in Mulberry, Florida, according to follower Stephanie Sapp, whose husband, Marvin Wayne Sapp Jr.
He did not resist arrest and confessed that he had been responsible for trashing the holy books.
In a statement issued here, he said all the holy books are sacred for us and no Christian can even think to commit blasphemy against Holy Quraan like that the Muslims who respect all the holy books equally including Bible.
How much value and importance would we place on our holy books and scripture?
In newspaper and TV debates, questions are being asked on how Gita can be singularly made a symbol of India and why should a similar status be not given to other Holy books like the Bible and the Quran.
During the meeting, Khazayee said that "Quran is a holy book that includes text of other holy books, so insult to Quran is an insult to all divine faiths".
The artist has become international with his albums "Go With God", "Verses From Holy Books 1 & 2" in which he performed episodes on the universe from the three holy books.
Alex Stewart, Brisbane based research lawyer who belongs to an atheist group, is seen in the 12-minute YouTube clip, holding up the Christian and Muslim holy books before tearing out pages and smoking them.
Alex Stewart, who belongs to an atheist group, holds up the Christian and Muslim holy books before tearing out pages and smoking them.
Holy books drenched in blood littered the floor after the shooting, the deadliest incident in Israel since a suicide bomber killed 11 people in Tel Aviv in April 2006.
Jews arrived at the Yad Yair synagogue for morning prayers on Friday to the horrific site of Torah scrolls and holy books consumed in a blaze that destroyed the building.