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Prest carefully distinguishes the Company of the Holy Sacrament from Jansenism, despite their similar rejection of worldliness.
His discussion of the devots centers on the Company of the Holy Sacrament, founded to encourage charity, religious devotion, and virtuous lives.
I attended Mass regularly and received the Holy Sacrament each Sunday.
A group of vandals forced their way into the church, damaged the holy sacrament and stole two holy vessels, church authorities said.
KIDS are gambling their communion money away at a top greyhound track just hours after receiving the Holy Sacrament, these shock pictures reveal.
Written by Robert Morneau (Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General of the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin), Reconciliation is a discussion of Catholic spirituality, holy sacrament and the mercy of Jesus Christ created to inspire, instruct, and uplift.
Theologically, how can one holy sacrament be an obstacle to another?
And Maurice, a once-great actor who still gets work playing deathbed scenes, wants to drink in that beauty, seeing it almost as a holy sacrament.
It not only defines sexuality, it presents encouraging good news about sexual love within the holy Sacrament of Marriage, and gives hope to those who feel that .
Starting with a descriptions of the contexts and the scholarly debates of the last 50 years about them, along with a very nice bibliography, topics include the Bohemian crisis, loyalty and revolt in the Spanish monarchy, the Nordic perspective, religion and politics in Europe from 1500 to 1700, the crisis in witchcraft and the crisis of authority, the Company of the Holy Sacrament and the struggle for stability, original sin and moral individualism in the struggle for stability in England, the European city hall as political and cultural space from 1500 to 1750, and military technology and stability from 1500-1700.
This holy sacrament, the mystery and the wonder of His divine life offered still for our life and the life of the world.
In April of 1630 (when the plague had visited Venice at least since September of 1629) Patriarch Giovanni Tiepolo appealed to the Virgin through continual exposition of the Holy Sacrament for twelve days in the six churches of Venice already dedicated to the Virgin.
The sacred use of oil in the Orthodox church also takes place in the holy sacrament of baptism, in the bread blessing service and in other services, such as the consecration of churches.
When you look at it from outside, perhaps it is impressive, but in fact I did my studies at the Paris Conservatoire (Hakim modestly forgets to mention he won first prizes in virtually every discipline going) and I know that my first vocation in life is to be a servant of the Holy Sacrament.
All right, it's a stereotype, but I swear looking at that footage, that's what you see--a lot of people who are angry, women who have shed their femininity and adopted a masculine outlook and are fiercely protective of abortion, which is the holy sacrament of feminism.