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(Judaism) sacred chest where the ancient Hebrews kept the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments

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a boat built by Noah to save his family and animals from the flood

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In the earliest morning minyan, with the day still shrouded in mist, a gray-bearded man lumbered to the front of the shul and stood before the Holy Ark. "This morning we have a meis mitzvah: A man has died with no relatives," he said.
In the year 622 BCE, Josiah told the Levites to put the Holy Ark in the House that Solomon, son of David, king of Israel built (II Chron.
The carrying of the Holy Ark to Jerusalem by King David was accompanied by the playing of "harps, of tambourines and castanets and with cymbals and trumpets." (II Samuel 6:5, I Chronicles 13:8).
Then, when Levy took part in the timehonoured ritual of removing the Torah scrolls from the Holy Ark for the Bar Mitzvah boy to read from, one wag in the congregation noted the silver fascia, silver bells and silver handles and quipped: "It must be nice for Daniel to see some silverware at last."
He opened the doors of the Holy Ark and, Praise to the Almighty, his prayer was answered.
Rabbi Samuel Gross sat alone on the bimah in a darkness brightened only by the eternal light shining dimly above the hand crafted Holy Ark. The hour before the start of the service was his favorite time, a brief moment of peace, reflection, and tranquility.
Or does he make the incense offering with its resulting cloud only where the Holy Ark once stood in the center of the Holy of Holies?
Central to the idea of Jewish identity was the idea of the temple, built by Solomon not just as a sanctuary for the holy Ark of the Covenant but as a testament to the power of Israel under David, God's own chosen monarch according to Jewish lore.
It will be recalled that David had instituted a regular worship service before the Holy Ark that consisted of Levites singing hymns of praise, mornings and evenings.
There is no doubt that there Shining the Holy Ark is as playable as in any other of the Shining games.
The focus of Jewish aspiration since David placed the Holy Ark there, Jerusalem is for Christians the sacred site of the Christ's resurrection; for Muslims it is the revered point of Muhammad's departure for heaven.