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We polarized the ancestral character state in the Echinoida by placing Holothuria atra (Holothuridae) as an outgroup.
Macro-invertebrates present included squat lobster, Munida quadrispina; hermit crabs (Paguriidae); spot shrimp, Pandalus platyceros; bryozoans; hydroids; brachiopods; seawhips (Pennatulacea); seastars (Asteroidea); brittlestars (Ophiuridae); sea urchins (Echinoidea); sea cucumbers (Holothuridae); and gastropods, in addition to the sponges.
Pilumnidae Pilumnus caribaeus Pilumnus dasypodus Pinnotheridae Calyptraeotheres hernandezi Echinodermata, Asteroidea Echinasteridae Echinaster echinophorus Luidiidae Luidia alternata Ophiuroidea Ophiuridae Ophiolepis impressa Ophiocomidae Ophiocomella ophiactoides Ophiodermatidae Ophioderma appressa Ophioderma brevispina Ophioderma cinerea Ophioderma brevicauda Ophiactidae Ophiactis savignyi Amphiuridae Ophiostigma isocanthum Ophiotrichidae Ophiothrix angulata Ophiothrix orstedii Echinoidea Clypeasteridae Clypeaster subdepressus Arbaciidae Arbacia punctulata Tqxqpneustidae Lytechinus variegatus Holothuroidea Cucumariidae Aslia surinamensis Holothuridae Holothuria mexicana Holothuria grisea Stichqpodidae Isostichopus badionotus AGRADECIMIENTOS
Holothurian fisheries are based on a few deposit-feeding species belonging to two families and five genera: Actinopyga and Holothuria (Holothuridae) and Parastichopus, Stichopus, and Thelenota (Stichopodidae).
Reproduction and growth of Isostichopus focus (Echinodermata: Holothuridae) in the southern Gulf of California, Mexico.