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Primer registro de Harriota raleighiana (Chondrichthyes: Holocephali: Rhinochimaeridae) en la costa del Pacifico central de Mexico.
Listado anotado de los tiburones, rayas y quimeras (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii, Holocephali) de Mexico.
The complete dentition of Edaphodon mirificus (Chondrichthyes: Holocephali) from a single individual.
The Chondrichthyes are represented by two subclasses: Holocephali and Elasmobranchii.
According to Obruchev, the fish, coming from the Lochkovian, is perhaps the earliest bradyodont, i.e., a representative of the Order Bradyodonti, Subclass Holocephali. The bradyodonts are known from the Upper Devonian to the Lower Triassic (Obruchev 1964).
The fishes of the groups Elasmobranchii, Holocephali, Isospondyli, and Ostarophysi [sic] obtained by the United States Bureau of Fisheries steamer "Albatross" in 1907 to 1910, chiefly in the Philippine Islands and adjacent seas.