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Synonyms for Holmes

a fictitious detective in stories by A

United States jurist noted for his liberal opinions (1841-1935)

United States writer of humorous essays (1809-1894)

English geologist and supporter of the theory of continental drift (1890-1965)

References in classic literature ?
And stole that very singular collection," said Holmes, thoughtfully.
If it's a local villain there should not be much difficulty in running him down," said Holmes with a yawn.
This writing is of extraordinary interest," said Holmes, who had been examining it with intense concentration.
James Mortimer, the man of science, ask of Sherlock Holmes, the specialist in crime.
Come, come, we are not so far wrong, after all," said Holmes.
Sherlock Holmes waved our strange visitor into a chair.
Holmes, but last night, having to do business very late with Mr.
Holmes, it is difficult for me to refuse you anything, for you have been of use to the force once or twice in the past, and we owe you a good turn at Scotland Yard," said Lestrade.
Holmes, that I was not in a humour to refuse him anything that he might ask.
I glanced at Holmes on hearing the description of the murderer, which tallied so exactly with his own.
Sherlock Holmes sprang from his chair with an exclamation of delight.
Sherlock Holmes had pushed away his untasted breakfast and lit the unsavoury pipe which was the companion of his deepest meditations.
A long silence was broken by a sudden exclamation from Holmes, who dashed at a cupboard, from which he emerged with a second yellow-covered volume in his hand.
Holmes, I am a very stay-at-home man, and as my business came to me instead of my having to go to it, I was often weeks on end without putting my foot over the door-mat.
Your experience has been a most entertaining one," remarked Holmes as his client paused and refreshed his memory with a huge pinch of snuff.